Why we practice organic wine growing

 In order to keep the basis for our grape production – the soil of our vineyards – healthy and vital we cultivate our vineyards ecologically since 2007. This provides you and us with the pleasure of natural and toxic-free wines.

The foundation of our work is the vital and versatile life in our vineyards. We achieve this by sowing multifarious plants between our vines. These blossoming nitrogen-binding plants help cultivate the natural soil fertility and thus promote the growth of the vines. Their deeply intruding root system helps to build loose soil structures, which in turn aids the life in the soil of our vineyards. So rain water can be absorbed and stored better as well. 

 Numerous blooming plants attract bees and other beneficial organisms and provide them with nutrition and a living environment. In so doing, we aid the organisms, whose food resources are (ever) more on the decline in the agricultural areas in our times. Through ecological winegrowing a natural balanced is re-established.


In order to preserve this sensitive ecosystem we cultivate our vineyards according to ecological guidelines and do not use chemical/synthetic fertilizers.

We are a member of the “Bundesverband ökologischer Weinbau e.V. ECOVIN” and are regularly subjected to controls according to strict criteria. (DE-ÖKO-022)