Winegrowing is our passion

At the heart of the “Mittelmosel” on a peninsular entwined by the Moselle lies our wine village Minheim. This is where our wines grow. It is here that we, Margit and Paul, and our family are at home in our winery Weingut Hoffmann. Our sons, Uli, Michi and Peter, feel comfortable around here and love to help in their free time. Even their grandmother Hiltrud still actively supports us daily with all our work.

Peter, our youngest son, has already discovered his love for viniculture at an early age and decided to learn the trade of winegrower as well. He finished his apprenticeship in 2013 and wants to start an advanced education in 2014. We are happy that he wants continue our work one day. His great-grandfather built our house in 1920 and by taking over our business Peter would be the fifth generation in the house to devote himself to winegrowing.

Out of conviction and responsibility towards nature we practice ecological winegrowing and operate as an ecological winery since 2007 and are a member of the “Bundesverband oekologischer Weinbau ECOVIN”. Our wine is the centre of our life. Longtime customers value our exceptional products and confirm our extraordinary aspiration for quality. A visit to our winery will convince you of our philosophy as well – either by trying our wines or through looking around our shop where we offer not only our own wines, but many miscellaneous products connected to wine as well.

We are looking forward to your visit. In order to have time for you during our various responsibilities we ask that you contact us in advance.